The client is asking for a microsite with a one-year life cycle — it will be stored in the main platform’s archive after this period.

For this project, I chose to make a microsite for Burning Man. Since the first Burning man started on, June 22, 1986, the number of…

Goal: Incorporate a new feature into an existing product, to enhance the user experience.

For this project, my goal was to analyze an already existing and highly adopted app and incorporate a new feature into the existing product. I chose the music app Pandora.

Project2: Lokos Tacos Taqueria


Help a local business improve their online presence to be more competitive in the market

Business Analysis

I first needed a better understanding of the business, Lokos Tacos Taqueria. …

(Wicked Problems)

How might we change the end to end experience in hospitals?

Our main goal is to create a better experience from arriving at the hospital/doctor’s office to leaving.

To find out what the problem was I applied qualitative and quantitative methods to my research. I first started with creating a survey (qualitative data) regarding user experience with hospitals and…

Rachel Steimel

a born creative. Current UX/UI student

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