Transforming Hospitals

How might we change the end to end experience in hospitals?

Our main goal is to create a better experience from arriving at the hospital/doctor’s office to leaving.

To find out what the problem was I applied qualitative and quantitative methods to my research. I first started with creating a survey (qualitative data) regarding user experience with hospitals and doctor offices. It contained 10 questions that were taken by 57 people.

HMW make the wait time shorter?

Idea: Electronically, “make sure to come 15 mins before your appointment”…this time is used for filling out forms…have forms already filled.

HMW make it easier for the user to be prepared for the doctor's visit?

Idea: Better organization of medical information and storage of records.

HMW make it easier for a user to keep a record of their and their kid's medical history?

Idea: An app that has all the medical/health information and she is able to add her kid's profiles as well, with the ability to update and share.

  1. Fill out needed Medical Information before your appointment. Have everything ready and organized before appointment.
  2. Share medical information with doctor
  3. Save Medical Info and History in App. Update Medical Information through App

Key features would be:

With the research collected, one way to change a users end to end experience in a hospital is to create an app that allows them to save, update, and share the medical information, with features that also allow you to add multiple profiles, add family history and save insurance/ID information.



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Rachel Steimel

Rachel Steimel

a born creative. Current UX/UI student